The CIO Big Super High-Impact IT List for 2013

    End-user technology expectations are increasingly more demanding and management is looking for innovation to differentiate the business. These mounting pressures have forced IT leaders to move, to transform. The risks of change are high, but the rewards are even higher.

    ServiceNow has created the CIO Big Super High-impact IT (Sh.IT) List for 2013 to help burn down that IT doghouse. IT is quickly becoming one of the most strategic roles in the enterprise. The list is comprised of seven tips intended to help the CIO do better in 2013.

    Click through for seven ways you can make a big impact on IT in 2013, as identified by ServiceNow.

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    Just keeping the technology “light switch” turned on is hard work. It’s not strategic, but it is unrelenting and sucks the life out of your organization. It’s time to redirect the organization’s energy away from solving problems that are simply unsolvable with old technology. Incent your staff to simplify and modernize the services they provide by consolidating outdated and redundant systems. You might even see organizational silos topple.

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    Your company’s employees are smart, but as humans, they make errors and they are expensive. Use automation to scale your highly skilled staff by replicating their knowledge into automated workflows. Automating human interactions can provide accuracy, accountability and auditability.

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    Use the cloud to disconnect process workflow from the limitations of regionally based client server architectures. In its current state, IT is costly and not scalable. Globalized processes can help to optimize resources and invert the model. And deliver a global platform that drives standardized processes.

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    The fact that your budget has stayed flat or only slightly increased should upset you. It’s a stern message that what IT delivers is undervalued. Buddy up with your CMO or SVP of marketing to understand how they demonstrate value. Marketing leaders face the cost vs. value conundrum every day. Besides, they aren’t a bad business resource to get to know – research indicates that their IT budget will top your budget in the near future.

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    A cloud is not a cloud, is not a cloud. Some clouds are more than a decade old. A new breed of software-as-a-service (SaaS) is built for the rigors of enterprise IT and offers built-in capabilities to extend purpose-built workflow-based applications and the ability to create new ones – all on the same cloud platform. When the enterprise views IT as a strategic partner, it encourages IT to participate in automating process wherever it exists. Solve the process automation challenges for IT first, and then apply what you learn to help your business counterparts.

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    Do your employees get the same service experience with IT as they do when they go home at night? Identify the interaction points that define your organization and modernize them. Leading CIOs start with the point of service – the primary interface between IT and business. Creating an IT storefront that emulates the consumer self-service experience can immediately deliver a positive, innovative experience.

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    Can you contemplate anything other than “keep the lights on?” Now is the time to take charge of innovation and evolve the role of IT. Look for ways to transform the business with technology and move IT from the darkness of the back office to the bright lights of the front office.

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