SecuriSync Provides File Sync with Security Built In

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    Many SMBs are drawn to cloud-based file syncing services because they provide ease of use for collaboration and are inexpensive. However, that all comes at a cost for IT—worries over security.

    Recently, Intermedia launched its new file collaboration offering for businesses called SecuriSync. This service promises an easy-to-use functionality married to a secure, encrypted file syncing service that IT organizations can appreciate.

    SecuriSync provides real-time syncing of files on both mobile devices and desktops, so users can be sure they have access to documents wherever they may need them. It also allows recipients to set sharing permissions for other users. The service offers tight control over those permissions along with “at-rest and in-transit encryption, remote wipe capabilities and a 99.999% SLA” to protect all content.

    For IT, Intermedia’s HostPilot control panel allows for control over all Intermedia services from one panel. And SecuriSync integrates with the company’s Office in the Cloud suite, which includes services for Exchange, Microsoft Office and PBX for collaboration. SecuriSync also integrates with Active Directory, which allows IT to utilize existing passwords.

    Michael Gold, president of Intermedia, offered a statement in the release:

    SecuriSync finally gives users a file sync and share solution that’s as simple to use as Dropbox, with the control and security that business customers demand. This service is consistent with our vision of providing small and medium-sized businesses with a tightly integrated suite of critical cloud IT services.

    Having a file sharing service that IT controls can help SMBs secure data. It prevents the issues associated with employees using their own cloud-based file services and accessing them on the go without proper security channels in place.

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