CloudVelox Simplifies Movement of VMware Workloads

    Moving virtual machines around and between data centers is one thing. Migrating workloads around and between data centers is quite another challenge altogether. CloudVelox today announced an update to a One Hybrid Cloud suite of tools for migrating workloads running on top of VMware that makes it simpler to move workloads between local data centers or back to a data center from a public cloud.

    CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra says previously, CloudVelox had focused only on migrating workloads from a data center into a public cloud. But as adoption of cloud computing has increased, Dhingra says, many IT organizations are seeking to move workloads around public and private clouds as they best see fit. In fact, Dhingra notes that as usage patterns surrounding a workload that was originally deployed in a public cloud change, many IT organizations are discovering it becomes more economical to move that workload back to an on-premises IT environment.

    “The number one reason anyone moves a workload out of public cloud is cost,” says Dhingra.

    One Hybrid Cloud simplifies those migrations via automated Application Blueprinting and network customization that make it simpler to replicate a cloud instance running in a public or private cloud. Most recently, CloudVelox made available REST application programming interfaces (APIs) to simplify integration with other cloud management platforms, in addition to certifying integration between One Hybrid Cloud and Cisco converged and hyperconverged platforms running VMware software.


    As cloud computing continues to evolve, the line between where one cloud begins and another ends becomes blurrier by the day. Before too long, many IT organizations won’t even stop to think about which workload is running where, in what is rapidly becoming one massive distributed computing environment.


    Mike Vizard
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