Cloudnexa Unfurls Virtual NOC for AWS

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    With more IT organizations depending on Amazon Web Services (AWS) than ever, managing all those instances of compute resources is proving to be a significant challenge.

    To address that issue, Cloudnexa is now making available the vNOC cloud management platform. Cloudnexa CEO Joel Davne says that while AWS provides managed services for its cloud, Cloudnexa allows IT organizations to manage multiple accounts of AWS via a single integrated console.

    For all the talk surrounding the rise of hybrid cloud computing, in reality, most IT organizations are opting to manage different cloud computing platforms in a semi-autonomous fashion. Rather than having to set up their own environment to manage AWS, Davne says vNOC makes it possible to manage AWS using a management platform that is based on the AWS CloudFront services and integrated with AWS CloudTrail CloudWatch and Config software.


    Unlike AWS CloudTrail, Davne says the graphical user interface (GUI) presented by vNOC makes it much easier to discern what is happening inside AWS versus trying to sift through JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents surfaced by the CloudTrail application programming interface (API).

    Furthermore, Davne says that vNOC is operated much like AWS. Every time there is an AWS price cut, those savings are passed on to Cloudnexa customers that pay to use the service on a monthly basis.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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