SIOS Technology Extends Machine Learning Analytics to SQL Server

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    In a lot of IT organizations, an artificial line runs between IT infrastructure and the software that runs on top of it. The result is that a lot of time and energy is wasted as the different groups responsible for managing each dicker back and forth over who or what might be responsible for a particular issue.

    As part of an effort to make it possible to more holistically manage IT environments, SIOS Technology Corp., a provider of predictive analytics software for VMware environments that employs machine learning algorithms, announced a pair of updates to its SIOS iQ software. The updates provide visibility into Microsoft SQL Server databases via integration with SQL Server Performance Advisor software from SQL Sentry.

    Additional new capabilities include tools for predicting and forecasting performance and capacity utilization; the ability to identify and resize under- and over-provisioned VMs; the ability to save data storage capacity by instantly identifying rogue virtual machine disks (VMDKs); and a set of enhanced visualization tools.

    SIOS Technology CEO Jerry Melnick says that this integration will be the first in a series that will bridge the gap that exists today between hardware and software management.


    In the not-too-distant future, Melnick says, SIOS Technology will also open up its application programming interface (API) to make the data it collects more accessible to third-party applications. The ultimate goal, says Melnick, is to provide a lot more visibility into the interdependencies that exist between hardware and software.

    Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms will soon make it practical to eliminate the need for silos of IT management software that often do more to obfuscate than enlighten. That means instead of IT departments wasting their time in “war room” meetings figuring out the source of a problem, they can get on with maximizing the business value of both existing and future IT investments.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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