Oracle Extends Big Data Capabilities

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    Capitalizing on Big Data: Analytics with a Purpose

    Moving to boost its portfolio of Big Data technologies, Oracle this week unveiled Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph that embeds spatial and graph analytics capabilities directly inside the Oracle NoSQL Database and Hadoop.

    James Steiner, vice president of product management for Oracle Spatial, says that while spatial and graph databases have been around for years, IT organizations increasingly want to be able to invoke these types of algorithms from within Big Data applications without having to make a call out to a separate database. For example, Steiner says that many Big Data applications make use of location-based data that is simpler to invoke using spatial algorithms that are now embedded in Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL databases.

    Steiner says one of the things that makes the Oracle approach unique is that its distributed databases now come with 35 built-in graph algorithms that are ready for developers to invoke. The graphs themselves can be stored on either Apache HBase or the Oracle NoSQL Database.

    Oracle Graph

    Overall, Steiner says that Oracle is crafting a Big Data management framework that spans multiple backend data sources that range from its relational database and Oracle NoSQL to distributions of Hadoop from its partner Cloudera.

    The challenge, of course, is building an IT team that is fluent enough in all those platforms to make sense out of all the Big Data that is now being routinely collected.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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