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Should You Avoid Social Media to Protect Your Future Career?

30 Nov, 2017

The things we are posting on social media today will be part of our file in the future and once in, we will likely never be able to get them out. ...More >

HP Inc. vs. HPE: Lessons the Industry Does Not Want to Learn

29 Nov, 2017

When you form a team, the team should be formed around the leader. It does not matter how good the people are if they either will not follow the leader or cannot function together. ...More >

Resetting for Below Zero Tolerance on Sexual Harassment

21 Nov, 2017

Avoid companies, managers and execs who behave inappropriately, not only because they could behave inappropriately with you but because you could become part of the collateral damage. ...More >

Bill Gates’ City of Tomorrow: Can He Do What Disney Could Not?

17 Nov, 2017

Bill Gates has control over the outcome of his futuristic city idea, because technology has advanced to a level that makes the overall vision more viable. ...More >

John Chen: Messages from the BlackBerry Keynote

14 Nov, 2017

Follow the BlackBerry focus on security because it will help you properly prioritize the classes of system that are mostly likely to be breached. ...More >

Broadcom Qualcomm Merger: A Tragedy in Four Acts

10 Nov, 2017

Elements of a good merger range from assuring the scope of the acquiring company is broad enough to cover the acquisition to assuring there is a process that will not destroy the acquired company. Those elements do not exist here. ...More >

Intel and AMD Coopetition: I Am Thinking Hell Just Froze Over

06 Nov, 2017

Done right, coopetition creates opportunities for all parties that would not exist otherwise and can reduce competitive inefficiencies. ...More >

HP Takes Printers into Space: How Printing Became Relevant Again

01 Nov, 2017

HP has increased its investment in printing and been able to show growth in what was thought to be a terminally declining business. ...More >

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