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Intel Recreates Modular Computer: Might Solve Coming Laptop Travel Problem

31 May, 2017

The old IBM idea of a modular computer had a number of critical faults. Over time, one by one, those faults have been corrected and the Intel Compute Card is the impressive result. ...More >

Preventing the Coming Corporate Mass Extinction Event

26 May, 2017

If we don’t start aggressively fixing what appear to be endemic judgment problems in critical processes and in how we deal with problems before we automate them, this next industrial revolution could become a corporate mass extinction event. ...More >

Putting Legal in Its Place: Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Run by Execs with ‘No’ as Their Middle Names

18 May, 2017

Companies have gone from success to failure because they allowed Finance or the Legal department to have excessive control over the business. ...More >

AMD’s Lisa Su and the Advantages of a Trained CEO

15 May, 2017

Lisa Su is one of the good ones, but we should never forget that this wasn’t a lucky accident. She, as with most successful CEOs, is the result of a program that assured her own quality and taught her to assure the quality of her people and firm. ...More >

NVIDIA GTC Keynote: It Is Going to Be an Amazing and Very Scary World Shortly

10 May, 2017

NVIDIA's focus on machine learning has made the company the envy of its peers and we are just at the start of this wave. ...More >

Michael Dell’s Dell EMC World Keynote: Realize

09 May, 2017

Efforts that Dell is making to address illnesses and help remove plastics from the ocean were compelling, because they do good and because they showcased unique Dell EMC advantages. ...More >

Why Google, Uber and Amazon Will Obsolesce Car Companies

05 May, 2017

Unless something massive changes, most of the car companies will fail in the next five to 10 years, and we’ll be getting our cars from a service like Uber, though it could be Amazon or Google. ...More >

Windows 10 S: Microsoft Moves to Lock Down

02 May, 2017

Windows 10 S is as much about the importance of focus on the unique needs of any market as the tool set that resulted. ...More >

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