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Looking Ahead to 2017: The Year Everything Changes

28 Dec, 2016

In 2017, we will see massive changes in transportation, government, cyber warfare and other areas we aren’t remotely ready for. ...More >

Looking Back on 2016: Four Things I Still Don’t Get

27 Dec, 2016

2016 brought lots of drama and lots of exciting products and announcements. Some of them are still confusing, though. ...More >

The Trump Tech Meeting: No Dressing Down and Tons of Progress

20 Dec, 2016

Tech and government should use the potential of forensic analytics, capturing and analyzing data to understand why something works or doesn’t work. ...More >

Dell Technologies vs. HP Inc: The Interesting Nuances of Applying NPS to Effect

15 Dec, 2016

Smart vendors have largely switched to Net Promoter Score (NPS), which looks more at customer behavior and whether that customer will, and does, advocate a vendor. But the approach should vary by the organization's needs. ...More >

Trump Tech Meeting: A Dressing Down with the Possibility of Much More

13 Dec, 2016

Tech is the one thing that should provide the U.S. with a sustained advantage, yet it is rarely used by the government to proper effect. This meeting could go well, or very, very badly. ...More >

Full Windows on ARM: Suddenly the Client World Is Very Different

08 Dec, 2016

Microsoft made Windows fascinating again. By allowing the platform to move to a different processor, it has suddenly created the possibility of a smartphone that can perform the same breadth of services as a laptop. ...More >

Learning from Trump’s Air Force One Comment: Eliminating Stupid Decisions

07 Dec, 2016

We could all save our firms a ton of money if we looked for and worked to eliminate the incredibly stupid things folks are doing because they didn’t read, they assumed someone else did the reviews, or they accepted decisions as well-thought-through and didn’t challenge them. ...More >

BlackBerry and the Problem of Recreating a Company and Image

01 Dec, 2016

BlackBerry has largely moved from being a hardware vendor to being a software vendor. This is a very rare pivot. ...More >

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