Unfiltered Opinion : October 2016 Archives

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Windows 10 Creators Update: The Hardware

26 Oct, 2016

Microsoft is much more tightly connecting the hardware and software. ...More >

Windows 10 Creators Update Launch with Surface

26 Oct, 2016

Microsoft has found a couple of areas where products are lacking -- 3D creation and communication -- and is pushing the envelope.  ...More >

Dell EMC Keynote: Let the Transformation Begin

19 Oct, 2016

Who knew that the saying, “Go big or go home” could actually become a workable strategy, as it has for Dell. ...More >

At Dell EMC World -- The Contrast with HPE Is Stark

19 Oct, 2016

We are basically seeing a fight, not so much between two companies, Dell EMC and HPE, but two very different concepts. ...More >

Fixing the IoT Problem: Stringify

13 Oct, 2016

Regardless of whether you use Stringify to create your IoT solution, it forms a good benchmark for where the market wants to go and how far most still need to go to realize the IoT promise. ...More >

The Big Problem with IoT: The 'Things' Is Really 'Thing'

12 Oct, 2016

With the IoT, what most folks actually have is a thing that connects to the internet, which isn’t remotely interchangeable with interoperability.   ...More >

Yahoo and How You Know You Have a Bad Legal Team

05 Oct, 2016

The purpose of legal counsel is to assure that the least risky path is taken to achieve a viable goal and that the firm can be rigorously, legally and effectively defended if attacked. ...More >

Donald Trump, CEOs and the Argumentative Theory Problem

03 Oct, 2016

In extremes, this behavior can drift to a violent rejection and attack on anyone who has what may be a better idea. ...More >

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