Unfiltered Opinion : September 2016 Archives

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Remember the Customer: Fixing the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program

29 Sep, 2016

Everything we do in the event and customer visit space should somehow be connected back to something that will turn customers and stakeholders into advocates. ...More >

BlackBerry and the Lesson That the Technology Market Fails to Learn

28 Sep, 2016

Tech giants could take a valuable lesson from The Art of War when they choose how to structure their market battles. ...More >

IBM Edge Day Two: The Power of the Individual

20 Sep, 2016

A roundup of the second day at IBM Edge 2016. ...More >

The Ironic Outcome of Outthinking Status Quo for IBM

20 Sep, 2016

IBM's success will be tied not only to how well it provides tools to customers but how well it uses the tools itself. ...More >

EMC vs. HPE: The Difference Between Customer and Revenue Focus

15 Sep, 2016

HPE has a core problem in that it doesn’t instrument its customers and it appears to have forgotten why it does things. ...More >

IBM and NVIDIA Move to Corner the Enterprise Market for AI

12 Sep, 2016

An alliance between IBM and NVIDIA was announced last week around a small, intelligent, rack-mounted server called the Power System S822LC. ...More >

Waiting for AMD’s Zen

08 Sep, 2016

Zen brings excitement to a segment that is in desperate need of it and showcases the need to rethink a product in order to better zero in on where it should be going. ...More >

What I’m Looking for at IBM Edge: A Touch of Amazing

05 Sep, 2016

IBM Edge tends to embody much of what makes IBM a company to admire. ...More >

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