Unfiltered Opinion : July 2016 Archives

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Microsoft Surface Phone: What It Could Be

29 Jul, 2016

The Microsoft Surface Phone is one of the most highly anticipated phones coming to market and it isn’t even expected until 2017. ...More >

What We Should Learn from Email Breaches

25 Jul, 2016

Remind employees to treat email, and all forms of communication, with a lot more respect than they likely currently do. ...More >

What We Don’t Get About Microsoft Azure

22 Jul, 2016

At scale, Microsoft is likely the only company offering a cloud solution that is robust enough to be trusted in an incredibly unsafe world. ...More >

Thoughts on 2016 BlackBerry Security Summit

19 Jul, 2016

Security and IoT issues take the stage at the 2016 BlackBerry Security Summit. ...More >

Tetration Analytics: Cisco’s Secret Migration Weapon

13 Jul, 2016

Tetration Analytics started out as a security tool, but Cisco found that it also did wonders for difficult application migrations. ...More >

Mapping Cisco’s Technology Strategy

11 Jul, 2016

At C-Scape, a Cisco CTO and SVP sets the stage with a talk on strategy, a topic that puts everything else into context.   ...More >

BlackBerry Misinformation and the Smartphone Security Crisis

08 Jul, 2016

We need at least one mobile device company where security is paramount and with which we can be better assured that these security processes actually work. ...More >

Audits and Clinton’s Email

05 Jul, 2016

Drawing on his experience as an auditor, analyst Rob Enderle examines the FBI report on Hillary Clinton's email practices. ...More >

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