VMware Launches Massive Update to VMware vSphere Platform

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Looking to put a major hybrid cloud computing stake in the ground, VMware this week launched a flurry of updates to its core platforms that includes an update to VMware vSphere that adds 650 new features.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger says this version not only represents the biggest release of VMware vSphere ever, but it also puts VMware in a positon to support even the most demanding in-memory computing applications.

Major new features in VMware vSphere 6 include the ability to run 2,048 virtual machines per host and as many as 64 hosts per cluster, tight integration with a free distribution of OpenStack cloud management framework, instant cloning of virtual machines, and an extension of VMware vMotion that allows IT to move virtual machines between geographically distributed data centers.

Other additions to VMware vSphere 6 include support for 3-D graphics running on processors from NVIDIA, expanded fault tolerance capabilities, and the extension of VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes to third-party storage that is compatible with the new release of VMware VSAN 6.


Finally, VMware also announced plans to extend VMware NSX network virtualization to the VMware vCloud Air cloud platform to make it possible to create hybrid virtual networks.

With these updates, VMware is making it clear that it intends to leverage its massive base of virtualization software running on-premise into the cloud. While the number of instances of VMware running on public clouds is relatively small, VMware is betting that enterprise IT organizations will prefer a seamless hybrid cloud computing environment that contains instances of VMware software on both ends.

It remains to be seen just how much traction VMware can gain in hybrid cloud computing environments. But the company has also formed alliances with public cloud providers such as Google that will extend its reach outside of VMware public cloud services.

Put all that together at a time when most IT organizations are just beginning to formulate hybrid cloud computing strategies and it becomes apparent that at least in terms of size and scope, VMware is maneuvering itself to be in the right position at the right time.