Virtual Instruments Extends Virtual Machine Analytics Reach

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With the number and types of virtual machines that IT organizations need to manage proliferating with each passing day, many IT organizations are past the point where they can keep track of which virtual machine is being used when, where and for what purpose.

To help IT address that issue, Virtual Instruments created VirtualWisdom, an analytics application specifically designed for IT operations teams to keep track of virtual machines. Though it was initially available only for the VMware environment, Virtual Instruments today announced that it has extended the reach of the analytics software to Microsoft Hyper-V and IBM PowerVM virtual machines.

Virtual Instruments also announced that version 4.3 of VirtualWisdom enhances the analytics capabilities of its analytics application and promised to further extend the reach of its software to include support for wire-data performance probes for Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) storage protocols.


John Gentry, vice president of marketing and alliances for Virtual Instruments, says analytic enhancements in the new release include the ability to keep track of historical data over an extended period of time and make use of a cloud service to more easily share analytics data.

While VMware clearly still dominates virtual machine deployments, most organizations by now have also deployed a smattering of other virtual machines. Trying to make use of separate tools to manage and analyze each one of those deployments has become impractical. IT organizations will be far better off relying on actual analytics data that removes the guesswork from the virtual machine management equation.