TSO Logic Promises Actionable Cloud Insights into Application Workloads

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There’s no doubt that IT interest in all things cloud is running high, but turning cloud computing theory into everyday IT reality can be a major challenge. To help IT organizations make that transition, TSO Logic today added a Cloud Enablement module to its suite of data center optimization software to provide more transparency into individual application workloads and what it would cost to run them in a public cloud.

TSO Logic's Aaron Rallo says that most internal IT organizations are hampered by the fact that many application workloads today have so many dependencies on various components that it often becomes difficult to sort out exactly where one application workload begins and another ends. The Cloud Enablement module isolates those workloads in a way that enables IT organizations to model “what-if” scenarios involving the deployment of them on a public cloud.

In addition, Rallo notes that TSO Logic is giving IT organizations the option of sharing that information with third-party IT services providers via an open application programming interface (API).


Rallo says that most IT organizations today not only have more than their fair share of dormant virtual machines running, they don’t really have a firm handle on infrastructure utilization rates inside their own data center. TSO Logic developed data center optimization software that can be used as a foundation for providing application workload analytics that give IT organizations actionable insights, says Rallo.

Naturally, most IT organizations are not always receptive to sharing application workload utilization rates with the outside world. But at a time when IT leaders are faced with “Cloud First” mandates, regardless of the nature of the application workload involved, tools that can help make a more definitive case for what makes economic sense to run on a public cloud would be greatly appreciated by all sides of the cloud computing divide.