Tableau Software Signals Future Analytics Ambitions

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Tableau Software, a company most often associated with providing visualization of data stored in a database optimized for analytics, this week acquired HyPer, a provider of an in-memory database platform. 

Patrice Pelland, senior director of engineering for Tableau Software, says the acquisition of HyPer comes at a time when IT organizations increasingly want to apply analytics alongside transaction processing. The ultimate goal is to be able to apply analytics in real time to, for example, identify fraud.

Many providers of business intelligence and analytics software are attempting to bundle visualization software in order to limit the future growth of vendors such as Tableau Software. But at the same time, Tableau Software is now signaling its ambitions to move further up the analytics stack at a time when organizations of all sizes are making more investments in this area.


Naturally, it may take a while for Tableau Software to fully integrate HyPer into its portfolio. But the acquisition of HyPer clearly signals an escalation in the battle between providers of visualization software and data warehouse platforms that have been traditionally used to host analytics applications.

In the meantime, IT organizations would be well advised to keep an eye on the number of analytics databases that are starting to proliferate across the enterprise with or without their express permission.