Sisense Hooks BI Application Up to New Types of User Interfaces

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Slowly but surely, new types of conversational user interfaces such as Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, and Cortana from Microsoft are transforming the way consumers interact with applications. Now Sisense is moving to apply those interfaces to its business intelligence application as part of a Sisense Business Intelligence Virtually Everywhere initiative.

Starting with support for Alexa, Guy Levy-Yurista, head of product for Sisense, says conversational interfaces will make it possible to bring data to end users every time there is a significant update versus requiring customers to log into a machine to employ a traditional user interface to explore data. End users can set key performance indicators (KPIs) that Sisense will use to issue a verbal alert any time one of them is exceeded.

Levy-Yurista says Sisense is also making use of Internet of Things (IoT) connections to hook Sisense up to lamps that will change color as different performance goals are achieved. A red light, for example, would indicate a specific set of goals is not being achieved, says Levy-Yurista.

Sisense Hooks BI Application Up to New Types of User Interfaces

Levy-Yurista says the way the average individual interacts with an application is about to fundamentally change. Invoking applications via a traditional user interface in time will become the exception rather than the rule. In the case of BI applications, Levy-Yurista says Sisense is betting that will inevitably result in much greater usage of BI applications.

For two decades or more now, providers of BI applications have been making the case for increased adoption of BI applications. Despite all that effort, the appeal of BI applications has remained fairly limited. The key to breaking that logjam may have to do with leveraging new types of interfaces such as virtual digital agents to bring analytics to end users without requiring them to work nearly as hard.