Samanage to Inject AI into Service Desk


Most of the activity involving a service or help desk is routine. In fact, many of those tasks are prime candidates for automation. That’s the thinking behind the launch this week of a service desk from Samanage that will rely on digital assistants led by machine learning algorithms to handle repetitive tasks.

Steve Stover, vice president of product and alliances for Samanage, says the Samanage Service Desk is taking advantage of machine learning algorithms residing in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to semi-autonomous service and help desks.

“We think the next big disruption being driven by AI will be in IT service,” says Stover.

Initially, Samanage is employing machine learning algorithms to suggest categories and sub-categories for tickets that are submitted by comparing and analyzing new tickets against historical ticket data. In addition to simplifying the ticket routing process, Stover says reports will now also be more accurate.

Stover says Samanage Service Desk will evolve from there to add voice-based assistance to process requests. Those assistants will suggest resolutions to issues and identify problems that need to be escalated to be resolved by a human.

It may take a while before digital assistants powered by AI will take over the service desk. But it’s clear that over time, a much higher percentage of service desk tasks will be handled by a machine rather than a person patiently resolving the identical problem over and over again.