Pipeliner CRM Surfaces Actionable Intelligence

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Putting a new application in front of an end user doesn’t necessarily mean they will suddenly be able to do their job better. In fact, for most end users, just figuring out how the application works usually involves a fairly extended learning curve.

With that issue in mind, Pipeliner CRM today unveiled an update to its Automata customer relationship management (CRM) software that provides end users with feedback in real time concerning both how to perform a task and what action they might want to take next, based on their role in the organization.

Pipeliner CRM CEO Nikolaus Kimla says the Navigator capability now included in Automata provides end users with actionable intelligence that makes the company’s software more valuable to the business. Rather than merely providing access to a repository of customer data, Kimla says Automata is designed to provide advice and guidance to end users. To that end, Kimla says that Navigator can be configured differently for sales people versus what the average sales manager needs to see.


Within those contexts, Automata provides suggestions about what to do next alongside a graphical display of Open Opportunities, Open Sum, Won Sum and Lost Sum data. It also includes various notifications of events alongside target goals over a specified period of time.

While someone still needs to do the actual selling, Kimla is contending that modern applications need to be more than a specialized database. Instead, applications need to be able to give end users practical advice on how best to maximize their time in relation to the accomplishment of a specific set of goals.