Nyotron Brings Different Approach to Endpoint Security to U.S.

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Turning Zero-Day into D-Day for Cybersecurity Threats

At the core of most cybersecurity attacks is an attempt to take control of a system for a purpose other than what was originally intended. With that fundamental premise in mind, Nyotron developed a series of agents that immediately identify any time an endpoint is hijacked for anything other than its intended purpose.

Today, Nyotron announced it is bringing that technology to the U.S. in the form of PARANOID, an endpoint security offering that Nyotron CEO Nir Gaist says is designed to block all attacks, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and zero-day attacks, before they occur, regardless of threat type or method employed.

“We can defend against every type of attack without having to know what it is,” says Gaist.

Instead of relying on outdated technologies such as signatures, Gaist says the company’s agent software maps all the interactions that are supposed to occur on a system. Any deviation from those interactions is then assumed to be an anomaly that needs to be isolated and then further investigated.


In addition to providing the core agent software and associated server technology, Nyotron provides a managed service as well as access to a PARANOID War Room, through which IT organizations can visualize attacks as they occur using a 3D application.

Gaist says the IT security industry has been far too focused on trying to defend against specific types of attacks versus simply better securing the entire endpoint. It remains to be seen whether providers of technologies such as processors or operating systems will take note of the Nyotron approach. But the one thing that should be obvious to all concerned at this point is that legacy approaches to securing endpoints are no longer effective.