MongoDB Adds BaaS Platform to Cloud Service Portfolio


As part of an effort to expand the range of managed cloud services it offers, MongoDB today unfurled MongoDB Stitch, a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) intended to make it simpler to build applications using its namesake document database.

Unfurled at a MongoDB World 2017 conference, Mat Keep, director of product and market analysis for MongoDB, says MongoDB Stitch is an extension to the managed cloud service based on the MongoDB database. That MongoDB Atlas service is also being expanded to give customers the option to deploy MongoDB on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Keep says MongoDB Stitch is different than previous BaaS offerings because it presents application developers with a document-centric application programming interface (API). MongoDB Stitch also comes with pre-integrated modules for integrating cloud services from Google, Facebook, AWS, Twilio, Slack, Mailgun and PubNub. A software development kit based on those APIs for JavaScript, Apple, ioS and Google Android is also being made available.

Keep says a larger number of organizations are becoming less interested in managing databases and the underlying infrastructure they run on. To become a true software company, Keeps says, organizations want to focus more of their limited resources on developing applications. Managed services via the cloud enable organizations to free up those resources, says Keep.


Of course, most of the usage of MongoDB today is either managed directly by IT or a professional developer. As cloud computing matures, however, providers of software infrastructure are starting to more aggressively make the same case as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers. The real issue is to what degree organizations will be comfortable with giving up control over software and hardware infrastructure that drives what are increasingly strategic application initiatives.