Metalogix Aims to Help IT Regain Content Control

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The good news these days is that there are more cloud services to share content through than ever. The bad news is that keeping track of what content is seen by whom is a major challenge.

At the Microsoft Ignite 2016 conference today, Metalogix announced a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that promises to give IT organizations control over how content is shared using cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and Google for Work.

Adam Levithan, director of product management for Metalogix, says the Content.ly service created by Metalogix will encompass discrete applications spanning data migration and synchronization, data protection, back-up and content restoration, content security, permission controls and auditing, user activity detection and data loss prevention and archiving. Levithan says the applications that make up the core content management services that Metalogix will provide will formally roll out now through early 2017.

“We’re providing a single location to connect to all the different clouds used for collaboration,” says Levithan.


IT organizations can also make use of Content.ly to move content from one cloud environment to another using metadata captured by the Metalogix service.

Available in preview now, Levithan says Content.ly addresses the management issues that have arisen as organizations make broader use of cloud services to share content. In fact, Levithan says that the average organization today makes use of 4.5 content and collaboration services.

Compliance requirements notwithstanding, most IT organizations are not in a place today where they can impose an enterprise content management (ECM) platform standard. But as a service that essentially provides a management overlay across multiple cloud services, Content.ly may very well prove to be the next best thing.