Loom Systems Applies AI to IT Operations


IT organizations today spend a lot of money on monitoring everything from infrastructure to applications. But truth be told, most organizations are a lot more interested in monitoring the business outcomes enabled by all those investments than the actual technology itself.

With that larger goal in mind, Loom Systems today unveiled an analytics application for IT operations that makes use of artificial intelligence to identify the root cause of an issue affecting a specific digital process.

Dror Mann, vice president of product marketing for Loom, says Loom creates a mathematical model of the digital business relationships enabled by various applications and associated IT infrastructure that it then keeps track of in real time. Any deviation that alters that model is an anomaly that generates an alert, says Mann.

That alone creates value, adds Mann, because most IT departments don’t have the time or patience to perform that task.

“Nobody wants to document what’s known,” says Mann.


Mann says Loom, which can be invoked as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application or deployed on premise, employs both agents and agentless approaches to monitoring a digital business process consisting of both structured and unstructured data to provide operational analytics in real time.

As organizations become more dependent on IT to drive complex webs of digital processes, keeping track of dependencies across that environment will move beyond the capabilities of mere mortals. The only real option for managing those processes will undoubtedly involve some form of machine intelligence. The issue now is determining in what form that intelligence will manifest itself.