Informatica Strengthens Its Integration Platform

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When it comes to integration these days, most organizations obsess about two things. First, they want to make it easier to integrate applications and services because integration serves to increase the value of any given app. But they also want to make sure the data being accessed is of the highest quality.

This week, Informatica moved to address those issues with v10, the latest release of its integration platform, which is not only now orders of magnitude faster, but it also makes it simpler for various types of data stewards in the organization to collaborate on data quality.

Informatica is also making available a publish and subscribe model, its Data Integration Hub, for integrating data across hybrid cloud environments.  

Ash Parikh, vice president of product marketing for data integration, Big Data and data security at Informatica, says the one thing that distinguishes Informatica is that it focuses not only on providing the mechanisms to integrate data and applications, but also on providing the tools that help ensure the data being integrated actually adds value to the business. With the addition of an expanded publish and subscribe framework and data visualization tools, Informatica is now substantially lowering the total cost of integration in the enterprise, says Parikh.

Most IT organizations are challenged to identify what type of data integration capabilities various business units might require. They are also trying to understand whether those needs are better served in the cloud or on premise. But what they do know now is that demand for integration services will continue to increase exponentially, which puts pressure on them to offer a broad set of integration services that can not only scale, but also deal with unforeseen integration scenarios.