Informatica Expands Push in Data Governance


As part of an effort to more tightly couple integration and data governance, Informatica today announced it has acquired Diaku Ltd., a provider of a suite of data governance applications that Informatica will make available under the name Informatica Axon.

Amit Walia, chief product officer for Informatica, says that while Informatica has provided technologies that enable data governance in the past, the Informatica Axon offering marks the first time Informatica will provide applications specifically designed for IT professionals tasked with being the stewards of data governance within their organizations.

“We want to be able to provide customers with a 360-degree view of their data,” says Walia.

To bolster that effort, Informatica also updated its master data management (MDM) software today to make it simpler to apply a customer-centric approach to the relationships that exist within a large pool of data.

As more organizations evolve to the point where they view data as an asset to be exploited versus a burden to be borne, Walia says many of them are finding that integration platforms are fundamental to achieving those goals. To increase the value of that integration platform, Walia says, Informatica is now making a concerted effort to help organizations both explore and secure their data.


The challenge most organizations face is that responsibility for managing data is far from centralized. Everyone from IT administrators to chief data officers plays a part in the process. More challenging still, all that data is strewn everywhere, from individual desktops to the cloud. Because of that issue, many of those organizations are starting to appreciate the fact that without an ability to access and integrate that data, there’s no real hope of being able to manage and govern it.