GoodData Provides More Granular Control of BI App in the Cloud

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To give organizations more control over how data within a business intelligence (BI) application delivered as a service is served up to end users, GoodData this week added support for self-service dashboards and the ability to push data out to specific subsets of end users of its application service.

Jeff Morris, vice president of product marketing for GoodData, says that while interest in running BI applications in the cloud is high, organizations of all sizes have made it clear that they want more control over data access within the application.

To achieve that goal, Morris says GoodData is adding advanced distribution capabilities that allow for more granular control over how data is pushed out to users of the application on a one-to-many basis.

At the same time, Morris says GoodData is making it easier to upload personal data into the application in a way that can be blended with data already residing in the BI application.


The ultimate end goal, says Morris, is to make it easier to unleash the business value of the BI application. To that end, Morris says GoodData is providing users with a collaborative BI experience in the cloud that is richer than anything they could do locally using a spreadsheet or other BI application.

Naturally, the degree to which collaboration pushes more end users toward BI applications in the cloud remains to be seen. But as workforces become increasingly distributed, the practicality of sending attachments via email in order to collaborate continues to decline with each passing day.