FeedHenry Launches Customizable Mobile Workforce Apps

Mike Vizard
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Why the Mobile 'Pocket Office' Is Inevitable and Good for Business

One of the more frustrating things about the development of business applications is when the business demands an application to address a specific, sometimes temporary, situation that the IT organization doesn’t have an effective means of addressing. Many of these “short order” applications consist of a series of forms that need to be created in a limited amount of time with almost no budget.

Looking to address just those types of scenarios, FeedHenry, provider of a platform for building mobile applications, this week launched its Field Workforce Management mobile solution that IT organizations can easily customize for any number of use cases.

FeedHenry CEO Cathal McGloin says the new applications take advantage of the backend-as-a-service (BaaS) environment running in the cloud, which FeedHenry developed to enable developers to build their own applications from scratch. In this instance, however, FeedHenry built mobile applications that organizations can invoke without necessarily having to hire a developer. Instead, McGloin says anyone from a savvy business user to a business analyst can use FeedHenry to deploy mobile applications at will.

McGloin says that providing customizable application frameworks is a natural evolution of mobile computing. In the same way that it once required professional developers to create Wen applications, many of those applications are now created by end users invoking any number of rapid application development (RAD) tools.


McGloin says that FeedHenry is essentially making it possible for organizations to create disposable applications without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having this capability not only allows organizations to quickly address a sudden new requirement, McGloin says it also creates the opportunity for mobile apps to innovate across a whole range of business processes.

The degree to which mobile computing is being held back in the enterprise by a lack of truly useful applications may be debatable. The fact remains, however, that mobile computing represents a major opportunity to remove latency from all kinds of business processes.

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Jul 18, 2014 3:53 PM Misty Misty  says:
Its great that businesses will be able to make disposable apps for fast projects with no budgets. The part to remember is that their are some projects worth investing in a real app that lasts. We can help you with that. Sincerely, Misty www.ABMobileApps.com Reply
Jul 8, 2015 4:48 PM Chris Chris  says:
Nice write-up, Mike. I agree that mobile computing presents a major opportunity to streamline business processes. In order for businesses to be effective with this it requires an investment in effective mobile workforce software. Thanks for sharing! - Chris http://easydata.me Reply

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