enSilo Closes IT Security Remediation Gap


One of the realities of IT these days is that most organizations have to assume that the security of any endpoint is going to be compromised at some point. While trying to protect that endpoint is still a noble endeavor, the bigger issue is what to do once an endpoint has been compromised.

enSilo created a data protection platform that blocks in real time any data-related malicious activity. Today, enSilo extended that platform in version 2.0 by adding remediation capabilities and application communication control.

enSilo CEO Roy Katmor says that detecting security issues clearly doesn’t go far enough. IT organizations need to be able to remediate those issues with the least amount of organizational friction possible. Once a data compromise is detected, Katmor says, an IT organization can opt to isolate that system, allowing only authorized outbound communications by the applications running on it, or take control of it by applying patches that eliminate the problem altogether.

enSilo Closes IT Security Remediation Gap

There’s no doubt that the IT security landscape has changed fundamentally. The assumption is that malware is now just another risk of doing business in the digital age. The days when IT organizations concentrated all their efforts on trying to secure perimeters and endpoints are over. Now most IT organizations are judged by how quickly they can remediate a problem.

That doesn’t mean that IT organizations should ignore prudent IT security practices to minimize the number of potential malware infections, but it does mean that when those infections occur, they shouldn’t feel the need to beat themselves up about it either.