EMC Launches Federated Approach to Managing Big Data

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EMC today unveiled an approach to software-defined storage (SDS) that spans everything from remote offices to “data lakes” residing in the data center.

Ed Beauvais, head of product marketing for Isilon in the Emerging Technologies Division of EMC, says that EMC is trying to extend the reach of its scale-out Isilon portfolio of network-attached storage (NAS) systems using EMC IsilonSD Edge arrays to provide access to Big Data via a new implementation of the OneFS operating system that is integrated with a new EMC Isilon CloudPools offering that automatically tiers data in the cloud.

At the edge of the EMC Isilon SDS platform is a 36TB IsilonSD Edge storage array that can communicate with other Isilon systems via both OpenStack Swift and HDFS protocols, while being remotely managed by VMware ESX and vCenter software provided by EMC sister company VMware.

At the other end of the spectrum is EMC Isilon CloudPools software that enables the integration of Isilon scale-out NAS systems with private and public clouds, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS).


Connecting the two environments is EMF Isilon OneFS.NEXT software, an update to the company’s Isilon file storage system that has been optimized for highly distributed computing environments.

Beauvais says EMC will apply a similar approach to other storage platforms in the months and years ahead. In the meantime, as a platform designed to handle petabytes of data, Beauvais says EMC views Isilon as a core platform for managing massive amounts of Big Data that will by definition need to be distributed around the globe.