Embarcadero RAD Tool Builds Enterprise-Class Native Mobile Apps

Mike Vizard

As IT organizations start to more fully embrace mobile computing, they are finding that little things like performance still matter. While using scripting languages and HTML5 allows them to quickly develop a mobile application, it usually comes at a performance cost.

The folks at Embarcadero Technologies, however, contend that there is no reason to sacrifice mobile application performance in the name of speed of delivery.

Embarcadero recently rolled out RAD Studio XE4, a rapid application development (RAD) that allows developers to create native mobile computing applications from a single code base. Rather than requiring a code base for each native application, John Thomas, director of product management for Embarcadero, says that single code base makes it a lot easier for IT organizations to support multiple mobile computing applications that can take full advantage of the local processing capabilities of mobile computing devices that get more powerful with each new iteration.


In addition to providing the ability to build a mobile computing application, RAD Studio XE4 comes with a variety of built-in database connectors, including Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, InterBase, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, SOAP and REST services, that Thomas says make it easier to build multi-tier enterprise applications.

To help developers get started, Embarcadero this week released Instant Trial, which uses the Embarcadero app store to automate the provisioning process in a way that allow developers to start building a mobile application in less than 10 minutes, versus traditional installation routines that used to take hours.

There is no shortage of approaches to developing mobile computing applications. But as mobile devices increasingly become the primary target platform through which enterprise applications are accessed, IT organizations have to find ways to optimize the performance of those applications in the most efficient way possible.

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