Delphix Data Virtualization Engine Simplifies Data Center Migrations

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When it comes time to build a new data center or modernize an old one, the movement of applications from one set of systems to another can be a painful process that usually takes weeks to accomplish.

To address that particular challenge, Delphix launched the Delphix Modernization Engine, which automatically creates, manages and archives virtual copies of applications, databases and files.

The Delphix Modernization Engine is based on data virtualization technology that Delphix has been using to allow IT organizations to copy databases. Rick Caccia, Delphix’ vice president of strategy and marketing, says the company is now extending the reach of that technology to include applications and files. This helps reduce a process that once took weeks to complete down to a couple of days.

Caccia says the Delphix Modernization Engine slashes the amount of space needed to store databases, applications and files to 1/100th. The software can then be moved to another physical or virtual environment of the IT organization’s choice. The Delphix Modernization Engine also preserves live archives of applications, databases, data warehouses, associated files and configuration settings, which can be accessed in minutes to meet any audit or compliance requirements while using 10 times less space and systems resources to maintain.


At the moment, Delphix supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL database environments, and as of today, Delphix now also supports the open source PostgreSQL database.

Even the best planned migration of applications and databases along with their associated files almost always takes longer than most people anticipate. In the age of the cloud, that activity is increasingly becoming a regular occurrence, and most IT organizations would prefer to have it finished more quickly in order to get back to business as usual.