DataGravity Brings Data Aware Storage to VMware

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For some time now, DataGravity has been making the case for a “data-aware” approach to managing storage that provides all the governance, data protection and search tools an IT organization requires, baked into a physical appliance. Starting today, DataGravity is making that capability available as a virtual appliance for VMware environments, which means a dedicated physical appliance to run its software is no longer required.

DataGravity CEO Paula Long says the approach that DataGravity takes to managing data is more relevant than ever because of security issues associated with attacks involving, for example, ransomware. Long says DataGravity gives IT organizations the ability to analyze snapshots of data at any time to discover who accessed it, what was changed and, if necessary, to undo those changes.

“They can do forensic analysis on data,” says Long.

In terms of the data center today, VMware is clearly the dominant platform. Via support for VMware vSphere and VMware vSAN platforms, Long says the DataGravity for Virtualization suite will also reduce the total cost of managing storage by integrating governance and data protection functions within a single virtual appliance.


Designed from the ground up to enable IT organizations to more cost-effectively manage data at a more granular level, the DataGravity appliances enable IT organizations to manage data as a true service, says Long.

Faced with trying to secure and manage massive amounts of data going into 2017, it’s apparent that many IT organizations are already looking for new approaches to data storage. The challenge many of them also face, however, is achieving that goal without necessarily throwing out everything they have already invested in.