Datadog Adds OpenStack Support to IT Monitoring Service

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In terms of IT environments, the open source OpenStack management framework is arguably as complex as it comes right now. For that reason, many of the IT organizations looking to deploy OpenStack need a little outside help.

Looking to provide that assistance, Datadog, a provider of IT monitoring software delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, announced today support for OpenStack.

Amit Agarwal, chief product officer for Datadog, says most of the organizations using OpenStack tend to have extensive engineering expertise of their own. But rather than use that talent to monitor lower-level OpenStack functions, Agarwal says Datadog can be used to discover all the virtual machines running in an OpenStack environment.

Once discovered, Agarwal says Datadog can then be used to keep track of capacity metrics such as tenant quota usage while also correlating data across over a hundred turnkey integrations spanning a wide variety of modern application components.


Datadog already provides support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware, so the addition of OpenStack extends the portfolio of IT environments supported. Agarwal says he doesn’t expect OpenStack to replace existing IT environments as much as be deployed as a framework for supporting new applications. Longer term, however, Agarwal says that he expects OpenStack to be used to provide a common management layer across hybrid cloud computing environments.

OpenStack in its current form is clearly not for the IT faint of heart. But going into 2016, there will most certainly be more deployments of OpenStack. As a result, IT organizations just might want to think about how they intend to manage data center environments that are becoming increasingly diverse.