CloudVelox Automates Setting Up AWS Clouds for Legacy Apps

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It’s now apparent to even the most casual of IT observers that large numbers of application workloads are now running in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. But while deploying a new workload in AWS is a relatively simple endeavor, moving an existing application workload into AWS can be a complex undertaking.

To simplify that process, CloudVelox this week announced it has added an ability to map the network configurations used in a local IT environment directly into AWS using the latest version of its One Hybrid Cloud software. CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra says that capability will significantly reduce the complexity of moving existing application workloads that expect certain network attributes to be in place into the cloud.

CloudVelox already provides the tools that automate setting up virtual private clouds (VPCs) in AWS.

“We allow IT organizations to create a VPC on the fly,” says Dhingra.


Dhingra says this latest version extends the reach of the company’s software into brownfield IT environments running legacy applications.

Given the age of the IT infrastructure used to support legacy applications in a local data center, it turns out that legacy applications can run faster in a public cloud that employs the most modern IT infrastructure.

Naturally, there are plenty of compliance reasons for why an IT organization might still elect to run application workloads locally. But when it comes to legacy application workloads running outside of highly regulated industries, the number of barriers to moving those applications into a public cloud continues drop with each passing day.