Citrix Moves to Simplify Enterprise Mobile Management

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Looking to reduce much of the complexity associated with mobile computing in the enterprise, Citrix today released an upgrade to its XenMobile suite of mobile computing applications, making them simpler to manage and create business process workflows around.

Manoj Raisinghani, vice president of product marketing for Mobile Platforms Group at Citrix, says XenMobile 10 is designed to accelerate the journey to mobile computing value by eliminating much of the fragmentation that characterizes mobile computing in the enterprise today.

XenMobile 10 was announced at the Citrix Summit 2015 conference. Raisinghani notes that from an IT management perspective, the new version provides a single console through which IT organizations can manage both mobile devices and applications alongside a self-service portal designed to reduce calls to the help desk. In addition, XenMobile 10 provides tighter integration with the NetScale application delivery controller from Citrix and support for RSA Adaptive Authentication and the FIPS 140.2 advanced encryption standard.

XenMobile10 Dashboard

From an end user perspective, Raisinghani says XenMobile 10 now makes it easier to construct workflows between the WorxNotes mobile applications that Citrix includes in the suite and both Citrix ShareFile synchronization software and Microsoft Exchange email systems.

In general, Raisinghani says that one of the things holding back mobile computing in the enterprise is that it’s difficult to build applications that extend business processes and are simple enough for internal IT organizations to manage. Going into 2015, however, Raisinghani says it’s clear that organizations of all sizes now understand well that the power of mobile computing goes beyond simply giving end users access to email and a browser to surf the Web.