Brocade Partners with Harris to Advance Security Using SDNs

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Turning Zero-Day into D-Day for Cybersecurity Threats

Hackers have become especially adept at evading the IT security technologies and processes that organizations put into place. This week, however, Brocade revealed at a Federal Forum 2016 conference that it is working with Harris Corp. to help change that.

Brocade CTO Ken Cheng says Harris has developed security technologies that make it possible for IT organizations to continuously change the IP and MAC addresses of the applications and systems they deploy, making it much more difficult for hackers to target a particular application environment.

The challenge, says Cheng, is that the Harris security technology has been expensive to deploy and maintain. To address that issue, the two companies plan to embed the Harris security technology into software-defined networks (SDNs) built by Brocade that promise to make both networking and security simpler to manage.

Cheng says the two companies have agreed to work together over the next five years to expand those capabilities as part of a non-exclusive relationship. That means IT organizations may see the Harris security technology show up in other forms as well.

Of course, federal agencies with significant budgets have already been availing themselves of this security technology. Now it will soon show up in an SDN format that will make it easier for the rest of the IT community to employ.