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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

A10 Networks Deploys ADCs on Containers

12 Apr, 2017

The A10 Harmony ADC makes it simpler to secure application services by embedding analytics to enable IT organizations to more easily identify configuration issues that could be exploited by cybercriminals. ...More >

Swarm64 Partners with Intel to Accelerate SQL Performance Using FPGAs

11 Apr, 2017

FPGAs make it possible to process SQL requests to run in real time against large amounts of data without having to move data into a different database platform. ...More >

Cisco Looks to Smooth NVMe Transition

11 Apr, 2017

The Cisco approach to NVMe and 32Gb Fibre channel should, in theory at least, make it a lot easier for IT organizations to make that transition on their own terms if and when they decide they are good and ready. ...More >

Infoblox Employs Virtual DNS Appliances to Help Combat DDoS

10 Apr, 2017

Being able to deploy DNS as a virtual appliance makes it a lot simpler for IT organizations to employ DNS at scale. ...More >

DXC Technology Looks to Ride Digital Business Transformation Wave

07 Apr, 2017

As IT continues to evolve in the age of digital business, it’s becoming clear that the relationship between internal IT teams and external IT services providers is rapidly evolving as well. ...More >

IBM Employs Watson to Deliver IT Services

07 Apr, 2017

IBM is employing Watson to increase the quality of the IT services it provides while also reducing costs in a way that will eventually be passed on to customers. ...More >

Progress Charts Path to Simpler Cognitive Computing Future

06 Apr, 2017

Progress has acquired DataRPM to gain access to a predictive analytics engine that is primarily used to maintain physical equipment connected to the internet. ...More >

Semarchy Leverages Google Material Design Language to Transform MDM

06 Apr, 2017

Semarchy's intelligent MDM platform, xDM, uses the Material Design Language developed by Google to inject agility into the MDM process. ...More >

Hortonworks Processes SQL in Memory on Hadoop

05 Apr, 2017

Rather than having to invest in a commercial relational database, Hortonworks CTO Scott Gnau says HDP 2.6 provides all the advantages of SQL running on a platform that can handle several orders of magnitude more data. ...More >

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