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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Quest Software Expands Database Reach

31 Mar, 2017

It’s become apparent that there is a greater need for a common set of tools capable of supporting everything from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL and Postgres, says Quest. ...More >

Xerox Hooks Printers Up to the Cloud

30 Mar, 2017

As part of a launch of 29 printers and multi-function devices aimed at SMBs, Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson says the company is now focused on helping organizations innovate across a spectrum of business processes involving various types of documents. ...More >

Cisco Improves Wireless Networking Game

30 Mar, 2017

Cisco offerings in the SME space are much simpler to deploy and configure. That’s important because many SME organizations don’t have access to a dedicated networking specialist. ...More >

Samsung Launches Samsung S8 Mobile Phone

29 Mar, 2017

It may be too early to say that Samsung will recapture its lost smartphone sheen. But from an enterprise IT perspective, Samsung is making it clear it’s on a path toward turning the smartphone into a universal remote for the enterprise. ...More >

Oracle Eliminates Cloud Access Taxes

29 Mar, 2017

Oracle is not only eliminating a bottleneck, but also allowing IT organizations to share data across a hybrid cloud without incurring additional licensing fees. ...More >

Silver Peak Advances Thin Branch Computing at Network Edge

28 Mar, 2017

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect is an example of a shift to thin branch computing at the edge of the network. ...More >

Kony Unveils Suite of Packaged Mobile Applications

28 Mar, 2017

Kony is making the case for returning to the more natural order of buying versus building mobile applications. ...More >

Cisco Makes Tapping into Spark Videoconferencing Service More Affordable

27 Mar, 2017

The goal is to make it economically feasible for organizations to access Cisco videoconferencing and collaboration services delivered via the cloud in a conference room designed to comfortably fit seven to 14 people. ...More >

IBM Employs Machine Learning to Combat Phishing Attacks

27 Mar, 2017

Limor Kessem, executive security advisor for IBM Security, says it’s critical to identify Web pages that are being used to trick end users into giving up their passwords as soon as possible. ...More >

IBM Locks Down VMware on Public Clouds

24 Mar, 2017

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization makes use of Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) on x86 servers to lock down a VMware virtual machine. ...More >

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