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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Tact Aims to Advance Conversational Application Interfaces

30 Dec, 2016

Tact CEO says it is feasible to provide access to a conversational platform that can work with a broad range of speech-enabled devices. ...More >

Dell EMC CTO Envisions Rise of Smarter Hybrid Cloud Apps

29 Dec, 2016

Trey Layton, CTO of Dell EMC’s Converged Platforms & Solutions Division, says as cloud computing matures, the relationship between public clouds and private clouds running in local data centers will be far more nuanced. ...More >

Jitterbit Promotes Harmony Between Professional and Citizen Integrators

28 Dec, 2016

The citizen integrator module created by Jitterbit enables end users to self-service their own needs in a way that also allows them to reuse integrations created by professional developers. ...More >

MarkLogic CEO Predicts Rise of Cloud Neutrality

27 Dec, 2016

MarkLogic CEO Gary Bloom predicts IT leaders in 2017 will start focusing more on crafting multi-cloud computing strategies designed to prevent their organizations from getting locked into proprietary cloud computing services. ...More >

The Linux Foundation Advances Open SDS Efforts

26 Dec, 2016

The level of interoperability between software-defined storage (SDS) systems should increase substantially in 2017. ...More >

Cumulus Networks to Simplify NV Deployments Sans Controllers

20 Dec, 2016

Cumulus Linux 3.2 will give IT organizations access to tools to create their own network virtualization overlays using Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (EVPN). ...More >

Flock Adds APIs to Spur Collaboration Ecosystem

20 Dec, 2016

FlockOS will enable third-party developers to build applications on top of the Flock collaboration environment that is delivered as a cloud service. ...More >

Built.io Makes Available On-Premises Edition of iPaaS

19 Dec, 2016

Built.io expects its cloud services and on-premises edition, Built.io Flow On-Prem, to be used in isolation from one another by different customers, for now. ...More >

IBM Makes Watson Analytics Available via Mobile iOS App

19 Dec, 2016

The new Watson Analytics Mobile App allows end users to query a cloud service consisting of an IBM analytics application imbued with Watson cognitive computing functions. ...More >

CA Technologies Sets Sights on Business Process Automation

19 Dec, 2016

CA Technologies intends to acquire Automic and views it as a strategic acquisition that will enable the company to finally unify all the elements of application software strewn across the enterprise. ...More >

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