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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

Salesforce Extends Reach into E-Commerce

29 Sep, 2016

Salesforce Commerce Cloud may aid retailers of all types that are now engaged in an IT arms race to provide customers with the most connected experience possible. ...More >

IBM Launches Project DataWorks to Advance Analytics

29 Sep, 2016

Project DataWorks can be employed on top of Apache Spark and the IBM Watson cognitive computing platform running on the IBM Bluemix PaaS environment. ...More >

SAP Aims to Deliver Big Data as a White Glove Service

28 Sep, 2016

SAP is adding what amounts to a “white glove service” for deploying Hadoop and Spark; many IT organizations don’t have the skills required to deploy Hadoop and Spark on their own. ...More >

Dell EMC Moves Closer to Microsoft Azure Cloud

27 Sep, 2016

Dell EMC expanded its alliance with Microsoft, further narrowing the divide between on-premise IT environments and the Microsoft Azure cloud. ...More >

Iron.io Launches Serverless Computing Framework

27 Sep, 2016

Serverless computing will emerge as one of the most efficient ways to consume IT infrastructure. As such, IT organizations should start gaining experience with serverless computing frameworks. ...More >

Splunk Expands Usage of Machine Learning to Manage IT

27 Sep, 2016

Splunk unveils a series of updates to its portfolio that significantly expand how machine learning can be applied to improve IT operations. ...More >

Metalogix Aims to Help IT Regain Content Control

26 Sep, 2016

Content.ly addresses the management issues that have arisen as organizations make broader use of cloud services to share content. ...More >

CA Technologies Preps Continuous Testing Plan for BlazeMeter

26 Sep, 2016

CA Technologies has announced it is in the process of acquiring BlazeMeter. ...More >

Hedvig Makes the Case for Universal Data Plane

22 Sep, 2016

Hedvig is developing a Universal Data Plane that is designed to span storage systems running on premise and in the cloud. ...More >

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