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Revealing the Business Value of Innovation

IPsoft Previews Apollo Virtual Assistants to Replace IT Ops Staff

30 Jun, 2016

Virtual assistants are about to transform the way IT services are delivered in a way most IT organizations never imagined. ...More >

Juniper Networks Advances Cloud Networking

30 Jun, 2016

Juniper Networks unfurled a cloud-based approach to SDN that enables IT to centrally manage the provisioning of networking services to branch offices without having to physically dispatch a technician. ...More >

Cisco Acquires CloudLock to Secure Cloud Services

29 Jun, 2016

The acquired technology is destined to become part of Cisco’s Networking and Security Business Group. ...More >

Cisco Partners with SGI to Scale Up In-Memory Applications

29 Jun, 2016

Cisco has become the latest systems vendor to decide to resell a platform from SGI that is specifically designed to scale up applications in memory. ...More >

SAP Aims to Embed Spatial Data in Business Apps

28 Jun, 2016

The SAP Geographical Enablement makes it possible to bi-directionally navigate data within SAP HANA applications and ArcGIS. ...More >

MongoDB Unfurls DBaaS Platform in the Cloud

28 Jun, 2016

Document databases have become popular because they provide a more natural construct for building applications in a database that humans can more naturally read and understand. ...More >

Salesforce and Microsoft Complete Work on Outlook Integration

28 Jun, 2016

Users of Outlook can now pull data directly from the Salesforce CRM into Outlook via a Lightning for Outlook plugin. ...More >

Red Hat and Microsoft Join Forces with Codenvy to Simplify App Development

27 Jun, 2016

It may take a while for both programmers and the IT organizations they work for to get used to the new world order of application development. ...More >

Red Hat Advances Application Integration Strategy

27 Jun, 2016

The enterprise’s challenge will be integrating application servers written in Java with a new generation of so-called “cloud native” applications. ...More >

Red Hat Acquires 3Scale to Drive Adoption of API Management Platform

23 Jun, 2016

Red Hat wants to create a spectrum of hybrid services that IT organizations will be able to use to integrate both external and internal APIs. ...More >

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