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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Hello Edge, Goodbye Cloud?

13 Oct, 2017

Projections of the demise of the cloud due to a rising IoT are in the same tradition of numerous other calls for technological obsolescence, from the mainframe to the PC to disk storage. ...More >

Getting on the Right Side of Automation

11 Oct, 2017

If there is one thing that the current crop of automation solutions excels at, it is taking over mindless operations to allow humans to concentrate on more creative aspects of fulfilling the business model. ...More >

Making Storage Work Across Hybrid Clouds

11 Oct, 2017

A new generation of cloud management solutions is starting to delve into the intricacies of storage to hopefully bring the dream of true hybrid performance closer to reality. ...More >

Data Integration and the IoT

09 Oct, 2017

Data integration must be built into IoT environments as a core capability, a challenge that many organizations are still struggling with in their legacy environments. ...More >

Taking Stock of IoT Hardware Requirements

06 Oct, 2017

IoT infrastructure is likely to go through several permutations before it settles into the enterprise mainstream. ...More >

Software to Help the Enterprise Discover the Cloud

04 Oct, 2017

Managing cloud resources requires a more nuanced view of data operations than is needed for traditional IT infrastructure. ...More >

Where IT Dollars Are Being Spent Now

03 Oct, 2017

Those who want to sell new technology always try to foster a vision of what could be tomorrow, but those who buy it simply want to solve the problems of today, at least, if they are smart. ...More >

Doubt Lingers over the IoT

02 Oct, 2017

The hard numbers for the IoT that the suits are waiting for could very well materialize on the balance sheets of the upstart that has just thrown the existing business model into the trash bin. ...More >

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