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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Will IT Ever Become Self-Managing?

29 Sep, 2017

While the vendor and provider communities have been quick to implement the abstraction and the scalability on hybrid platforms, the self-managing aspect has been a little slower to evolve. ...More >

DRAM or NAND: Finding a Balance Between Cost and Performance

28 Sep, 2017

Power efficiency is a worthy goal, but what is true elsewhere in the data center will likely be true in memory: Efficiency will almost always take a back seat to performance. ...More >

Blending HCI and Hybrid Clouds

25 Sep, 2017

The two major trends affecting enterprise infrastructure are the cloud and hyperconverged systems, both of which seem to be enjoying more of a symbiotic relationship than parallel development tracks. ...More >

Can OpenStack Rescue the Hybrid Cloud?

22 Sep, 2017

Is this a new beginning for OpenStack, or will the enterprise continue to face seemingly insurmountable hurdles to a seamless, distributed data ecosystem? ...More >

IT Still Struggling with RPA

21 Sep, 2017

RPA is seen as crucial to the development of mega-scale data environments like the Internet of Things. ...More >

Laying Out the SDDC Transition Strategy

20 Sep, 2017

Before implementing an SDDC and the process of transformation, the enterprise should think about how it intends to use it and how it will reorganize itself around a highly fluid, data- and application-centric environment. ...More >

GPUs Ready to Take on the Next-Generation Database

19 Sep, 2017

While many enterprises will no doubt strive to build their own GPU architectures, deployment will most likely be faster on the cloud. ...More >

Helping Containers with the Operations Side of Devops

18 Sep, 2017

Rather than deploying containers to achieve a devops model, perhaps it would be wiser to improve the devops model to accommodate containers. ...More >

The Right Approach to a Multi-Cloud Architecture

14 Sep, 2017

The enterprise is moving quickly from a single-cloud deployment strategy to one that encompasses multiple clouds. ...More >

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