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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

VMware and the Cloud Ahead

31 Aug, 2017

The enterprise is comfortable relying on VMware virtualization for server infrastructure, so it is not much of a stretch to think they would want to extend that familiar management environment onto the cloud. ...More >

Making the Most of Big Data and the IoT

31 Aug, 2017

The enterprise is rightly concerned about getting its money’s worth from Big Data and the IoT, but achieving optimal ROI isn’t so much a factor of the technology itself but in how you use it. ...More >

Mainframes Still Command Respect

28 Aug, 2017

While the mainframe has many differences with today’s distributed architectures, at a basic level they are roughly the same: numerous core processors connected to each other and to storage via high-speed networking. ...More >

An Optimal Cloud Requires Optimal Management

25 Aug, 2017

The cloud might not provide all the bells and whistles as traditional infrastructure, but its vast size gives it the economies of scale that no other solution can match. ...More >

Clouds Vie for Critical Workloads

23 Aug, 2017

With new migration packages and services optimized for mission-critical data and applications, CSPs large and small are eager for your business. ...More >

Natural Language Processing Turns to the Enterprise

22 Aug, 2017

In addition to helping IT provision and manage data infrastructure, NLP is expected to democratize the data ecosystem throughout the knowledge workforce. ...More >

Lifting HPC into the Clouds

21 Aug, 2017

The cloud has already proven that it is good at lowering the cost of infrastructure that organizations need to support standard workloads, and there is no reason to think it can’t do the same for HPC. ...More >

Is Serverless the New Container?

17 Aug, 2017

Virtualization burned up the charts until containers came along with a sleeker, more portable solution. Now, it seems that containers are headed for the 'where are they now?' category with the advent of serverless computing. ...More >

Digital Transformation: What Lies Ahead

16 Aug, 2017

While it is fair to say that digital transformation will affect individual organizations in different ways, some of the major trend lines are starting to emerge. ...More >

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