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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Container Platforms Transitioning to Production Environments

12 Jul, 2017

It will probably be a while before the enterprise can perfect the transition from development to production, but once in place this new container ecosystem will mark the beginning of an entirely new generation of enterprise data services. ...More >

New SSDs Boost Speed and Capacity

11 Jul, 2017

Solid-state disks (SSDs) continue to show remarkable flexibility when it comes to design features and form factors, leading many enterprises to wonder whether traditional spinning media has a future in the data center after all. ...More >

Hybrid Cloud Riding on Microsoft’s Shoulders

10 Jul, 2017

Clearly, the stakes are high for Microsoft and virtually every other company that has a hand in the enterprise technology space. In all likelihood, the hybrid cloud will emerge one way or another. ...More >

New Chips for a New Computing Era

06 Jul, 2017

Research into new chip architectures will continue unabated, with much of it leading nowhere. But if just one design rises to the top, it could set the data universe on an all-new trajectory. ...More >

When the Cloud Meets Big Data

05 Jul, 2017

Do you host your Big Data environment in the cloud, or create a data lake on premises? Each approach has its pluses and minuses. ...More >

Real-Time IoT: When Simply Fast Isn’t Good Enough

04 Jul, 2017

With a real-time IoT infrastructure in place, the enterprise has a handle on not just what is happening now, but is likely to happen in the near future. ...More >

When the Cloud Becomes Just Normal Infrastructure

03 Jul, 2017

The cloud only holds about a fifth of the total enterprise workload, which means there is still time for the enterprise to suddenly decide that the risks are not worth the rewards and start pulling data and applications back to legacy infrastructure. ...More >

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