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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Anticipation for Robots in the Enterprise on the Rise

15 May, 2017

The investment community is starting to wake up to the promise of RPA and its ability to disrupt a number of markets in the transition to a digital services-based economy. ...More >

Tech Vendors Embrace Flexible Consumption

12 May, 2017

The fact that data center infrastructure is evolving from a product to be purchased and managed to a service that is consumed is in keeping with the myriad other ways that digitization is altering the way we work and live. ...More >

Crafting a Thoroughly Modern Data Environment

09 May, 2017

The modern data center will be able to give you nearly anything you want, but you have to know what that is ahead of time in order to derive top value from your IT investment. ...More >

Finding Balance in a Multi-Cloud Universe

08 May, 2017

In the end, the choice between single- or multi-cloud is the same as between single- or multivendor solutions in the data center: Does the simplicity of a single provider outweigh the drawbacks of vendor lock-in? ...More >

Getting Past the Public vs. Private Cloud Debate

05 May, 2017

It’s fair to say that most discussions surrounding the cloud are still based on archaic notions of how data, applications and infrastructure interact to support the various enterprise processes. ...More >

For Rapid Scale, Find a Good Host

03 May, 2017

Hosting allows someone else to deal with the messy process of building and maintaining infrastructure, leaving the enterprise free to concentrate on optimizing its service portfolio. ...More >

Key Elements for Success in the IoT

02 May, 2017

As with most technology initiatives in their nascent phase, there are undoubtedly a million ways to get the IoT wrong and only a few ways to get it right. ...More >

Cloud Growth Slows, Slightly

01 May, 2017

Deploying the right services on the right infrastructure will be important, but making sure this does not lead to yet more data silos in the cloud will be crucial. ...More >

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