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Containers Pushing the Enterprise Toward Cloud-Native Services

11 Apr, 2017

Containers have the potential to overcome their issues, provided the key platform providers don’t get greedy and try to lock users into proprietary schemes. At the moment, the ball is rolling toward greater openness and interoperability. ...More >

AR/VR Sets Sights on the Enterprise

10 Apr, 2017

To usher in the next user interface, the AR/VR industry will have to clearly demonstrate that it can provide not only a different means of working, but a better one. ...More >

Keeping Control of the Hybrid Enterprise

07 Apr, 2017

The enterprise finds itself in the enviable position of being on the cusp of a truly responsive, highly adaptable data environment, but this will require a rethinking of the relationships between resources, applications, data and processes. ...More >

The New Cloud and the Old Data Center

05 Apr, 2017

As the enterprise becomes more comfortable pushing workloads onto third-party infrastructure, reliance on traditional vendors will help ensure that the transition will maintain some semblance of familiarity on an operational level. ...More >

What Is the Proper Level of Standardization for the IoT?

04 Apr, 2017

It’s a safe bet that few people are looking forward to a universally interoperable IoT, which would literally have the potential to harness the entire world economy under a single, globally distributed computer brain. ...More >

How to Properly Manage Robots in the Enterprise

03 Apr, 2017

The enterprise should avoid looking at robotic process automation as just a technology. It's a strategic component. ...More >

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