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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Need a Data Center? Call Your Phone Company

28 Apr, 2017

Traditional enterprises will no doubt continue to utilize a mix of on-premises infrastructure and cloud-based managed services, but for a new generation of digital enterprises, the idea of owning a data center may soon seem as quaint as owning a power plant. ...More >

Growing Diversity of Cloud Storage Solutions

26 Apr, 2017

It’s important to note that storing data is only part of the equation. Enterprises will also need increasingly sophisticated means of locating, transferring and sharing all of this information. ...More >

The Reality of an Intelligent IoT

25 Apr, 2017

Ultimately, intelligent systems will provide entirely new levels of data utilization and service delivery, but experts caution that nothing is fool-proof. ...More >

To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid? Is That the Right Cloud Question?

24 Apr, 2017

Pure-cloud advocates say hybrids are merely a marketing ploy by vendors looking to preserve their legacy platforms, while hybrid supporters say they are simply meeting the demands of the enterprise community. ...More >

Is the Cloud the Best Place for Analytics?

21 Apr, 2017

As with any tool in the toolbox, the value of analytics is not based on how well it’s made, but how well it’s used. ...More >

Data Delivery Around the World

19 Apr, 2017

In the very near future, the location of data will be a perfunctory concern at best, and the office or storefront will be wherever you happen to be at the moment. ...More >

Building a Container-Friendly Infrastructure

18 Apr, 2017

Containers and microservices will most certainly comprise much of what is turning out to be the next-generation data environment, and the rise of abstract, software-defined infrastructure will allow this transition to unfold at a rapid clip. ...More >

The Edge, or an Entirely New Form of IT?

17 Apr, 2017

In many ways, the IoT edge will incorporate some of the most challenging data infrastructure and architecture to date. ...More >

Smart Machines Need Smart Silicon

14 Apr, 2017

Since successful outcomes increasingly depend on minute advantages in performance and flexibility, the best way to optimize the data environment will be to build strong relationships between hardware and higher-level functionality. ...More >

No Digital Transformation Without Big Data

12 Apr, 2017

Questions remain as to how Big Data will influence future business processes and what steps to take now to ensure it provides optimal support in a fast-changing economy. ...More >

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