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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Will Only the Strong Survive in the Cloud?

14 Mar, 2017

It’s been said that, willingly or not, the enterprise will not employ the cloud, but many clouds. This may be true on a functional level, but from an operations perspective, it’s important to maintain continuity across cloud infrastructure. ...More >

On the Verge of the All-Cloud Enterprise

13 Mar, 2017

The enterprise that remains steeped in silo-based physical or even virtual infrastructure will soon find itself out-hustled in the new economy. ...More >

Confronting the Hyperscale Storage Challenge

10 Mar, 2017

Going forward, the enterprise will have to make sure that it not only has enough storage under management, but that it can dynamically scale along with the workload. ...More >

Consolidating Data Centers: From Many into One

08 Mar, 2017

Most enterprises will maintain some data on internal infrastructure, but with converged, commodity hardware entering the channel, few will need even one data center at headquarters, let alone multiple sites distributed across a wide area. ...More >

Composable Infrastructure and the Hybrid Cloud

07 Mar, 2017

Today’s big-platform, silo-based data infrastructure will be replaced by streamlined, integrated hardware appliances supporting a range of software-defined hybrid data architectures. ...More >

What Can Quantum Computing Do for the Enterprise?

06 Mar, 2017

The enterprise is about to gain access to an entirely new level of processing power in the form of quantum computing. But what can this do for garden-variety business processes? ...More >

Racing Toward a Post-Cloud World

03 Mar, 2017

A post-cloud world marks the continuation of a decades long transition away from centralized data infrastructure to distributed architectures that will soon inhabit virtually everything around us, and perhaps inside us. ...More >

Look Before You Leap into Serverless Computing

01 Mar, 2017

Most organizations should be familiar with the concept of serverless computing. Workloads are, in fact, hosted on a server, it’s just that the cloud provider takes full responsibility for provisioning and managing those resources. ...More >

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