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The Struggle to Replace Old Storage with New Storage

31 Mar, 2017

It seems clear that storage will be a thorn in the enterprise side for a while longer. Even if organizations give up on building their own storage infrastructure, there are still issues with migration, integration, and management of third-party resources. ...More >

The Convergence Conundrum: How to Keep It Cool

29 Mar, 2017

For standard rack configurations, air cooling seems to be the way to go, although designs are becoming more modular and are aiming to produce high-efficiency cooling through more advanced heat exchangers. ...More >

Is the IoT Ready for a Services Model?

28 Mar, 2017

It’s reasonable to expect that the IoT will embrace service-level operations in line with other areas of the enterprise data stack: Solutions that work will rise to the top while those that fail will die quietly. ...More >

Time for IT Vendors to Get with Digital Transformation

27 Mar, 2017

If the future of enterprise infrastructure is pointing toward software-defined architectures built atop commodity, white box hardware, why do the leading vendors continue to push the big, integrated systems of the past? ...More >

For Cutting Edge IT, You’ll Need the Cloud

24 Mar, 2017

While the enterprise struggles to deploy Flash technology and even basic server virtualization in the data center, the cloud is already pushing forward with machine learning and artificial intelligence. ...More >

Hybrid Clouds: The New Enterprise Normal

22 Mar, 2017

In all likelihood, the enterprise will employ multiple hybrid models in order to provide optimal application support. This will require a fair bit of coordination on the management stack. ...More >

What Blockchain Can Do for the Enterprise

21 Mar, 2017

Before the enterprise becomes too dependent on blockchain, it would be wise to make sure it can provide a trusted ledger of digital events both now and into the future. ...More >

Making the Most of Available Storage

20 Mar, 2017

Steadily increasing data loads will continue to put pressure on the enterprise to find more storage, but in many cases this can be done through greater flexibility of storage already under management rather than the provisioning of new resources. ...More >

IT Automation: Where, When and How?

17 Mar, 2017

As demand for faster, better and more personalized data experience mounts, the less time spent managing infrastructure and the more time spent optimizing performance, the better. ...More >

How Artificial Intelligence Will Make the IoT

15 Mar, 2017

The enterprise is focused on putting IoT infrastructure in place and getting it to function in a reasonably cohesive fashion. But it won’t be long before data volumes mount and the pressure will be on. ...More >

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